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India's #1 EDM Blog Bangin Beats features DJ NYK's Play Life Project Initiative

DJ NYK has become somewhat of an elite commodity within the dance music world, being one of the spearheading figures to have led the EDM inspired Bollywood movement in the sub-continent over the past fifteen years. He has now successfully launched his own record label Play Life Records with his debut track 'Living Kings' in collaboration with British singer/songwriter Stephen McNally.

A delectable progressive house banger, 'Living Kings' features a thumping bassline, coupled with roaring synths and Stephen McNally's striking vocals, making the track a must-listen.

Shifting focus back to DJ NYK's very own label, Play Life Records is a part of his 'Play Life Project', which in a nutshell is an initiative to serve as a consolidated platform for established and upcoming home-grown EDM producers alike. The project will also feature the Play Life Podcast that comes with 90 minutes of fresh electronic music. It explores homegrown talent under the showcase segment, offering them a global outreach and a guest mix that sees some of the finest Indian and international DJs share their latest sets and personal track lists.

The third leg of his project, Play Life Connect, will be DJ NYK's own live show, featuring an immersive audio/visual experience that will stretch boundaries and defy notions with the world's unanimoud language, i.e. music

Speaking to The Bangin Beats about the launch of his record label and new single, he says:

Play Life Project is a labour of love. I started the Play Life Project for two reasons, one I have a genuine love for Electronic Music and two I needed to break the monotony of doing Bollywood remixes for 15 years & wanted to grow as an artist. I started composing original electronic music back in 2008 & had releases on Beatport when the term EDM wasn't even coined and fortunately even received support from big international djs like Gareth Emery. But because of my mainstream Bollywood endeavours the pure electronic music side took a back seat & I couldn't pursue the same in the coming years. But in 2015 I was finally able to plan and initiate my parallel EDM project – Play Life. Over the years I've helped and supported a lot of artists in the Bollywood scene and now intend to contribute in highlighting the homegrown EDM talent as well. Indian EDM is in a growing stage and kind of volatile, it needs to be garnered and nourished, making it the responsibility of every new and established artist.

As an artist I want to empower all the independent music producers in India, encourage creativity and stir innovation beyond what money and power can buy. I want to bring together the individual efforts made in all parts of the country and give it direction to be a team. I want to give an opportunity to the budding artists by promoting them through the Play Life Podcast and give them a platform to release their music worldwide & bring them exposure through the Play Life Record Label. The aim is to create a community of artists and fans so strong that no other nation can compete. Our strength is in our numbers and we have not yet knocked on that door.​

'Living Kings' is the first and foremost release on Play Life Records that will, without a doubt, be followed by many more by DJ NYK himself and the abundance of producers he knows and supports.

Thank You Hyderabad. You guys were on fire! Had an awesome time spinning at club Playboy! See you soon. #ElectronykGeneration #MusicBeyondGenres

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