Having constantly striven to break boundaries NYK has forever pushed the creative envelope. He is the first DJ to introduce the concept of PODCASTS in India. In 2009, DJ NYK took a new initiative to put together a mixtape for dance music aficionados showcasing budding talent from across the world. He compiled many of his remixes, renditions by other uprising producers and chart-topping international dance music hits into one mixtape. What resulted was the ELECTRONYK PODCAST. The first episode being a huge success inspired him to keep compiling such music and showcasing the talent of various remixers on a solid platform. Ever since, he has compiled 16 episodes of the ELECTRONYK PODCAST some spanning as long as 6 hours, power-packed with the latest and greatest in dance music. 

  • iTunes #1 Podcast.

  • Downloaded and Played in 102 Countries worldwide.

  • Electronyk Podcast 11 went Trending at #1 on Twitter.

  • Electronyk Podcast 13 Facebook Live Broadcast reached almost a Million people.

  • As per statistics 1,60,000 Downloads from March 2017 - March 2018. So an average of 500 Downloads every day.

Electronyk Academy, a brainchild of NYK is not only a school but a community of Musicians, DJs, Visual Artists, Audio Professionals, Veteran Producers & enthusiasts taking down the walls of GENRES. Established in 201, Electronyk Academy is a cutting-edge electronic music production and DJ school in the heart of India – New Delhi. The Academy offers full range of courses to suit everyone from the beginner to those looking to refine and broaden their skills, whether you want to play for your own enjoyment or to make a career as a DJ or a Music Producer / Remixer. More info at www.ElectronykAcademy.com