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Adhunyk Lab Live

An Immersive Experience

Welcome to the next evolution in the Adhunyk series, where the future of Bollywood Dance Music takes center stage. "Adhunyk Lab" is a groundbreaking YouTube series and live show that fuses trending new age electronic music & Bollywood/Desi melodies along with synchronized lighting, cutting-edge visuals and interactive elements. A full sensory immersion, designed to push artistic boundaries and redefine what Bollywood/Desi music & performances can be. Adhunyk Lab is not just a series, it’s a movement ! 

We are thrilled to present Adhunyk Lab as a LIVE immersive experience in cities across India and around the world later this year. Register now to enter for a chance to win free invites & early bird tickets to these unforgettable immersive events!

Join The Party!

We collect information to enhance your event experience while complying with data protection laws. Rest assured, your data will be handled with care and privacy. You'll always have the option to opt out of emails or sharing specific information. Your trust is important to us.

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