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Bollywood Sunset Live

Exclusive Invite-Only Live Event

It's been four incredible years since I first embarked on the journey of Bollywood Sunset Mixes— a sound that has resonated with millions of listeners worldwide. I am thankful beyond words for your continuous support and the love you've poured into my journey. Now, I'm thrilled to take this music from your screens to real-life experiences. Get ready for a series of live Bollywood Sunset parties around the world, set against stunning backdrops. These events will be invite-only, ensuring that everyone there shares our love for genre-blending soundscapes. Come join us at these memorable gatherings as we celebrate the beloved bollywood sunset sound we all cherish.


Remember, tickets will be exclusively available to our registered participants.

Join The Party!

We collect information to enhance your event experience while complying with data protection laws. Rest assured, your data will be handled with care and privacy. You'll always have the option to opt out of emails or sharing specific information. Your trust is important to us.

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