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Happy Teacher's Day

I am indebted to all my Teachers, for life 🙏Happy Teacher's Day everyone ! That's Divya Ma'am, my computer teacher in school. She is the person responsible for kick starting my interest in Music Production. She knew i was inclined towards music and was good at computers, so she gave me an opportunity to represent the school and participate in the Electronic Music Production competition back in the year 2001. She gave me a software called Fruity Loops. That was the first time i discovered a proper DAW to make music. I was using Sound forge before that to make loops. I had only 1 night to prepare for the competition and find my way around Fruity Loops software. I had no hope but still went and participated the next day. And surprisingly i won the 2nd Runners Up Award. This gave impetus to my confidence that i can produce music electronically. Since then i've continued to produce music 📷:) Thank You Divya maam for believing in me and chosing me to represent the school. Things could've been different for me today if i had not gone to that Inter School competetion. #HappyTeacherDay

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