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DISCO NAP ! 9 Shows divided into 2 phases of back to back gigs, 12 Flights & 2 Train Journeys later 🥵 This leap year February has been memorable & the most tiring one ever. But the love & appreciation i receive from my fans at each show makes it all worthwhile. This is what an artist lives for. Blessed & Grateful 🙏❤ On a side note to all aspiring DJ's please note that this profession & lifestyle looks glamorous from a distance but entails tremendous pressure physically on your body & even mentally exhausting with sleepless days & nights when you're on the road touring for back to back shows. Be sure to know & learn about this side too & be prepared for it. In this pic am resting on the club couch during the sound check in Bangalore while some visual cables were being replaced by the technicians which took almost 2 hours. #DjnykOnTour

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