After two extremely successful releases, DJ NYK is back with his third English original - “Remember You”. This is an extremely special project for him that he has invested a lot of his time and thought on. Today, he opens up the opportunity for you to tweak the track and create something unique, while still maintaining the essence of the original song. Winners will be announced on 24th September 2019 based on their artistic and technical merit as well as the number of plays and likes their track receives. Last date for remix submissions - 17th September 2019. 

Remixes may be shared on YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter from August 13, 2019 to September 17th, 2019 for non-commercial purposes only, meaning you may not be compensated in any way, directly or indirectly, for making available or publicizing the Remix. Got what it takes to become our next Remix champion? On your mark, get set, let the creativity flow!



  • Official Release on Play Life Records

  • A future collaboration with DJ NYK


  • DJ NYK Official Merch Pack (T-Shirt Box Set, Snapback, Sticker Pack, Signed Postcard, Badges)


  • Support and honorable mention on DJ NYK Socials 


  •  DJ NYK Official Merch Pack ( T-Shirt Box Set, Snapback, Sticker Pack, Signed Postcard, Badges)

  • Support and honorable mention on DJ NYK Socials


  • No restriction on genres and styles.

  • Open worldwide to entrants who are aged 15 years or older

  • The track should not have a download option for the public

  • The artist must not violate the rights of any third person

  • All remixes submitted become the property of Play Life Records, by submission you are in acceptance of this clause.

Copyright © 2019 DJ NYK. All Rights Reserved.